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Back To School – Physical Fitness

  • July 28, 2020
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Back To School – Physical Fitness

At United Tae-Kwon Do we are following all COVID procedures and policies. We check everyone’s temperature at the door. We escort all kids too and from the parent’s vehicle if needed. We have all equipment spaced at least 6’ apart. Here at United Tae Kwon Do are going above and beyond for your safety. 

Do you want to build up your child’s confidence, self-discipline, esteem and character? United Tae Kwon Do in Pennsburg can do all of that more. The values instilled through Tae Kwon Do will move with your child outside of the Tae Kwon Do studio and into the classroom, sports field, and home. 

“Tae Kwon Do complements other activities that kids do,” says United Tae Kwon Do Owner and Sabumnin Mike Montero.“It helps them to be more structured in whatever they do, from football to lacrosse or soccer. For example, they may be learning a pattern in Tae Kwon Do class that has 68 movements. This will help them when they are at football practice. The memory and movements needed to complete 68 movements in Tae Kwon Do make other sports easier for them. It trains your brain and not just your body.” 

Another way that Tae Kwon Do benefits your student athlete is how it raises up strong individuals and strong individuals are what make up strong teams.“We teach you to be a powerful person on your own,” says Sabumnin Mike, “and that makes you able to better work together with others and builds a better team.” 

The highly trained instructors will work one on one and in groups with your child to bring out that strong individual in him or her.

Our instructors are with the kids from the moment they tie that white belt on, to achieving their black belt,” says Sabumnin Mike. “That is years of dedication to your child. I have students with me that I first met when they were in preschool and they are now training their own children in Tae Kwon Do.” 

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