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Protecting What You Love

  • May 2, 2022
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Protecting What You Love

 What’s got Indy dancing for joy? His new fence of course! 

Not only does it keep him and his human siblings safely in his yard (and those pesky other dogs out!), but it’s a beautiful addition to his parents’ lovely yard. And that’s all because they made the decision to get their new fence from American Fence & Flag in Whitehall! 

In the days when Harold Mante first got into the fence business, options for fencing were limited, and most of them were pretty utilitarian. Customers had a choice between chain-link and wood and that was pretty much the end of the line. So that was what American Fence specialized in in 1983 when Harold first started installing fences here in the Lehigh Valley. While these fences did their job (many lasted for decades to come), most of them weren’t adding a lot of aesthetic value to the homes they were protecting. 

But fear not – the days of few options are far behind us! As the years passed, American Fence changed with the times and began offering more styles to meet the needs of their Lehigh Valley audience. And now, almost 40 years later, American Fence & Flag has a fence for every need. Want some privacy for your pool? Come check our vinyl and wood privacy fences. Need to keep little dogs in the yard? They can get a “puppy picket” fence to prevent all but the tiniest pups from squeezing through. Just looking for a basic fence to surround your yard? Chain-link is still a great option and is now available in galvanized or black styles. 

And that’s not all they do. If you need railing around your deck or porch, or up a set of stairs for added safety and support, they can help you with that too. They install both vinyl and aluminum railings. Feeling patriotic and want Old Glory flying over your house? American Fence & Flag install flagpoles too. And if you’re more of a get-your-hands-dirty DIYer, American Fence & Flag is the place for you! They sell materials for contractors and homeowners brave enough to tackle their projects themselves. 

They also feature a unique display yard featuring many of their fence and railing offerings; it’s open 24/7 so you can stop by and peruse at your convenience. So no matter what your fencing and railing needs are, choose American Fence & Flag! 

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