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You Dream It, We Make It

  • October 29, 2020
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You Dream It, We Make It

Black Sea Jewelers in Pennsburg is the area’s only full-service jewelry boutique where every aspect involved in jewelry making is done in-house. From design, to repair, to gold and platinum plating to stone exchange, engagement, wedding rings, and more, Black Sea is your custom jeweler. 

Kristina Groetsch, who owns Black Sea along with her husband Jared, comes from a family tradition of jewelers. “I’m a jeweler by genes I guess you can say,” she says. “I come from a third generation of jewelers on my side of the family from Bulgaria originally.” 

The past 5 years have been very rewarding for the Graetsch family. They are grateful to the community for their support of Black Sea Jewelers. “I’m very thankful for our customers,” says Kristina, “and for all our friends in the community and abroad. We would not be here without you all! I’m excitedly looking forward to set a new 5-year goal, with more exciting events and small gatherings in the future where children and adults can enjoy the fun by creating sparkle. Stay tuned and follow us on social media for the latest designs and information.” 

 Black Sea is known for their personalized custom designs. Whatever your inspiration, Black Sea can create a design just for you. “We put our creativity into each design,” says Kristina. “Each piece is personalized to each customer. The whole experience is once in a lifetime for the customer.” 

Black Sea specializes in colored stones, diamonds, and also in high-end watches. Some of the original private collection of Kristina’s Artwork is also on the walls in the shop. Now prints of the paintings are available for purchase, 10% of the profits will be donated toward MS research. Check the website for more info. 

Kristina is thrilled to mention the launching of their own brand of jewelry, “Garden of Eden” also our high end handmade pens are new for this year 2020/2021, please ask us if you would like to hear more. 

For Kristina, the end reward comes when the customer sees their finished piece for the first time. “The smile of the customer as they open the jewelry box…,” says Kristina, “…that’s the moment we live for.” 



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